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Unlocking Potential with BYHP

BYHP Aida_Dan
Photograph by Russell Dadson.

We’re very pleased to announce we’ve been invited to work with a very special charity: Banbury Young Homeless Project (BYHP).

Since 1990 BYHP has existed to support and assist Young People aged 16-25 in finding and maintaining a safe home from which they may be assisted to determine their own opportunities in life.

BYHP’s Unlocking Potential Programme will develop life and work skills and create opportunities for young people to gain work experience – and even progress into employment.

Design for Social Change has partnered with BYHP to brand this very special initiative and help attract businesses to assist in delivering workshops, and to create or offer young people work placements.

For more information please contact Aida Walsh, Unlocking Potential Programme Manager on 01295 259 442 or visit: www.byhp.org.uk

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