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Oxfam Climate Change

Before you read this post…

Currently Oxfam is working to elevate suffering in Sudan. In total, 4.9 million people need urgent humanitarian support now – including 200,000 children suffering severe acute malnutrition – and 7 million risk not having enough to eat in the months ahead unless international aid is dramatically and urgently increased.

If you are reading this and think you can help in any way, even with a few pounds/ dollars, PLEASE VISIT: Oxfam South Sudan Crisis Appeal by clicking here.
And now…

I’ve have just come back from secondment with the creative team at Oxfam at their global headquarters in Oxford.

I was asked to work on a social media campaign to raise awareness for the upcoming UN Climate Change Summit in New York. Also we set out to highlight some of the issues we, as a global community, face with our planet getting warmer.

We successfully created a weeks worth of Social Media posts that bring the issue home and hopefully will encourage Oxfam’s followers to attend a march helped this week in London and New York. Find out more about the march by visiting the Climate Coalition’s page here.

It was a great experience working alongside a team which has such an impact on some of the world’s most pressing issues and an organisation that aims to ‘help people claim their right to a better life and save lives now and in the future’. To find out more about Oxfam, please visit their website here.

– Ryan.

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