Homes for Oxford

Homes for Oxford presents a ground-breaking, innovative and commercially competitive proposal for the Wolvercote Paper Mill site.  This proposal is for a world-class development and will be a first in the UK.

Homes for Oxford is a coalition of local community-led housing organizations (Oxfordshire Community Land Trust –; Oxford CoHousing –; Kindling Housing Co-op; Happy House) addressing the need for permanently affordable housing, who wish to create strong mixed tenure communities of market rate and permanently affordable homes to enable long term social and economic viability.

We can ensure:

  1. i) a good return/land value for the University (the landowner)
  2. ii) massive reputational benefit to the University and to the City

iii) long term social and environmental benefits to the local community in Wolvercote and the wider city.

The proposal:

  • Clusters of zero carbon homes on pedestrianised streets with one central spine road;
  • A variety of different sizes, types and tenures of homes, (flats, terraces etc) to suit a mix of people, but all built for high energy efficiency and configured in clusters to maximize mutual support and community;
  • Significantly reduced car ratios of one per household or less across the whole site (190 cars max and not the 382 covered in existing outline plan), made possible by extensive car-sharing and use of car clubs. There will be a frequent bus service to and within the development. The reduced need for parking will free up space and reduce strain on the already overworked infrastructure;
  • The 50% (more if we can manage it) affordable homes will be permanently affordable via Land Trust and Coop mechanisms, i.e. not for sale, thus ensuring the community will remain a mix of owner occupied and rented homes in perpetuity.

Homes for Oxford believe that we offer the best proposal for this site for both the University, the City, and the local community.

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